Marie Velardi
Scénario 1, 2 et 3

from March 31 to October 21, 2006


For the 5th year in a row, we shall develop a collaboration of several months with an artist based in Geneva. This time we chose Marie Velardi, who studied art in Milan, Bruxelles, Lausanne and Geneva. This young artist explores the notions of future and utopia, especially in her most recent works Futurs antérieurs - XXI e siècle, History of the art to come or Scénario pour 20006. Her project at attitudes will be called 3 utopian scenarios for Geneva.
In the first scenario, she work with fragments of Geneva's official architectural model to propose a futuristic vision of the city, where vegetation shall play a far more predominant role than what our city's current evolution would suggest.
For the second scenario, she presents a reflection on the possible means of transportation in this newly green city. A map and a series of pictures will make us discover the TPC (Transports publics de Chloropolis), a new urban network in which aerial transportation acquires considerable importance. For the vernissage, every cyclist is invited to reach attitudes with an emblematic flag on his bike and following a route that passes through Geneva's parks.
For the last scenario, she works on the energy system that such a city could develop. MarieVelardi's intervention will unfold itself at the entrance and in the courtyard of our building.

scenario 1 : Chloropolis
March 31 - May 6
Scenario 2 : TPC
(Transports publics de Chloropolis)

May 24 - July 8
Scenario 3 : Eole
September 1st - October 21

The exhibitions of Marie Velardi are realized with the support of the Fonds Cantonal d'Art Contemporain, Geneva.

The other artists followed by attitudes during 1 year are :
Jérémie Gindre
(2002), Alexia Turlin (2003), Pierre-Philippe Freymond (2004), Annette Kosak (2005)

Marie Velardi
(CH, born in 1977, live in Geneva)

solo shows
3 scénarios utopiques pour Genève, attitudes - espace d'arts contemporains, Genève / Futurs Antérieurs, XXIe siècle, Centre d'Edition Contemporaine, Genève / 2005 Futurs Antérieurs - 2005, Intervention nocturne, Centre d'Art en l'île, Genève

group shows
2005 Enquête sur l'Art à venir, interviews de programmateurs de lieux d'art contemporain indépendants à Genève, exposition des diplômes de l'ESBA, Genève / History of the art to come, XXIst - XXIIIrd centuries, Swiss Art Awards, Basel / APEX, Agence de Prospective Expérimentale, collaboration avec Christian Bili, Michael Hofer, Angela Marzullo, Genève / Piktura, Université Populaire Albanaise, Genève / Utopies Chroniques, cycle de films et concours sur le thème des utopies, collaboration avec le groupe de recherche du ciné-club universitaire de Genève / 2004 Supervision, 30 ans d'archives du Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, Collaboration avec Raphaël Julliard, Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève / Futurs Antérieurs - XXIe siècle, Bourses de la Ville de Genève, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Genève / Affiches Blanches, campagne d'affichage à Genève, en collaboration avec R. Julliard / From Here to There, Galerie Analix Forever, Genève / Projection de la vidéo, Look at the Big Picture au Mobileskino, Basel