Imanol Atorrasagasti & Yan Duyvendak
(E, born 1968 and NL, born 1965, live in Geneva and in Barcelona)

video stills from Le Requin du Roi, 2004

Le Requin du roi (The King's Shark) is a new project by Imanol Atorrasagasti and Yan Duyvendak that will be presented for the first time at attitudes. This polymorphous piece is based on a Polynesian rite-of-passage legend. The two artists have explored and broken down the story over a long period of time, extracting the essence of the narrative, and from this, proposing two very different interpretations. These two approaches to the same subject, whose origin dates back to the beginning of time, have taken the form of video pieces, which will be projected in large scale on screens hanging in the darkened exhibition space. The two films were constructed around the same sequential articulation (the ultimate desire, the leap from the cliff, the demon to kill…), but the tone adopted, the references and the form are particular to each individual artist. Little by little, the different approaches take over from the narrative at the origin of the project, and their singular interpretations of the subject finish by taking on their own existence.

video stills from Le Requin du Roi, 2004

More than six years after Rêve no. 36 - a multimedia installation that we presented in our former location - Imanol Atorrasagasti and Yan Duyvendak continue to analyse the functioning of our senses, our memory, our dreams and our instincts. Remaining at a distance from mass media communication, they prefer to use the ancient tradition of legends. Once familiar with the folklore, they appropriate and reproduce it through contemporary technological tools and the creation of original collages, abundant with references and wild jubilation. These pieces will be shown in the small exhibition room as a counterpoint to the video installation.

Le Requin du Roi, collages


The exhibition of Imanol Atorrasagasti & Yan Duyvendak and the realisation of the work Le Requin du Roi are supported by the Departement of Public Instruction of County of Geneva, the Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Geneva, as well as the Swiss Lottery. Le Requin du Roi is co-produced by the Center for Contemporary Images (Saint-Gervais Genève).

Le Requin du Roi
A work by Imanol Atorrasagasti and Yan Duyvendak
With the collaboration of Nicole Borgeat
Sound design : Knut Jensen
With the very appreciated vocal, physical and moral participation of : Joseba Armental, Lorène Batchinsky, Christophe Brunet, Alejandro Castelruiz, Elvira Castelruiz, Saralan Chen, Aline Dedeyan, Laurent Desplands, Jan Duyvendak, Jean-Marie Felix, Elena Gomez, Gilles Hernot, Igartze Mariñelarena, Véronique Marko, Roger Mayou, Santi Pablos, Dominique Page, Gundula Papesch, Casilda Regueiro, Valentine Sergo, Jérôme Stahel, Patricia Valente, Alexander Wenzel, Nancy Ypsilantis as well as the Chœur des Bains
Camera : Elvira Castelruiz, Laurent Desplands, Yan Duyvendak
Stage photographer : Christophe Brunet
Thanks to : Bernard Attinger; attitudes: Jean-Paul Felley et Olivier Kaeser; Maria Teresa Bertrand Vergés; France Jaton; L'opéra de Genève, Doïna Rusillon.

Imanol Atorrasagasti is an actor, Yan Duyvendak is an artist. They work separately, and together since 1997.

exhibitions and other realised projects :
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