Michael Sailstorfer
(D, né en 1979, vit à Dorfen / Munich et Londres)

Bethlehem, 2004
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Hanghover, 2004
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Imagine a vintage green and white German police car, converted by magic into a battery of drums, ready for the energetic hammering of an excited rocker. Try and visualize an old firewood stove, tucked in the corner of a log-cabin, itself burnt down to the last log in that very stove. Or figure out a lighted urban lamp-post, thrown in the air like a missile from a Mercedes equipped with a launching pad. Those are some examples of recent works by the young German artist Michael Sailstorfer, whose first personal exhibition outside Germany we are happy to present before he takes part in Manifesta and the Sydney and Liverpool Biennials.

3 Ster mit Ausblick, 2002 (10 photos )

Michael Sailstorfer likes to dismantle vehicles and other objets, for such action allows him to understand, from the inside, any type of contraption in his environment. But after dismantling, his aim is to reconstruct and give a new birth to the original object. Through this metamorphosis, involving both toiling and playing, he strives to create under a new name a work which starts a story mechanism. Thus the missile-launching Mercedes tells the story of a shooting star (Sternschnuppe) and the disembowelled body of a bus without wheels offers a glimpse of a love encounter (Dean & Marilou). The exhibition at attitudes will comprise, inter alia, two new sculptures : on one hand, Bethlehem, a vehicle made of a giant glass star on a carrier-tricycle; on the other, Hangover, a large candlestick whose candles have been replaced by bottles of beer meant to be drunk on the spot.

Sternschnuppe, 2002 (look at the video)

The exhibition of Michael Sailstorfer is supported by IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Stuttgart).
"Hangover" has been realised thanks to a support from the Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain of Geneva.
Thanks to Galerie Zing & Gegner, München.

solo show
attitudes - espace d'arts contemporains, Genève / 2003 Welttour, Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin / Head-On, homeroom, München (mit Douglas Melini / D-IBRB, Galerie Transit, Mechelen / Und sie bewegt sich doch!, City Gallery at the Lembachhaus, München (Museumsplatz) / Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand!, Academy Gallery, München (with Skribc Spomenko) / 2002 Heimatlied, [basement] Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin

group show
Bewegte Teile, Kunsthaus, Graz & Tinguely Museum, Basel / Degree Show 2004, MA Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, London / Manifesta 5, San Sebastian / Sydney Biennial, Sydney / Galerie Zink & Gegner, München / Extreme Houses, Lothringer 13, München & Stiftung Federkiel, Leipzig / Galerie Zing & Gegner, München / 2003 Wings of Art, Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen / Fuori Uso, Ferrotel, Pescara / WIR, HIER!, lothringer 13/halle, München / Entdecke die Möglichkeiten, die Wandelhalle, Köln / At least bginn to make an end, W 139, Amsterdam / 2002 Bewegt, Kunstverein, Ingolstadt / 3x1, Galerie Nusser und Baumgart, München / JA, Exhibition of the Munich Art Academy / oltre il giardino, Parc of the City of Rimini / Exibition for the Award of the 'Darmstädter Sezession', Ziegelhütte, Darmstadt / Extra Dunkel, Alte Mälzerei, Regensburg / 2001 Satelliten, Exhibition of the Munich Art Academy / Galerie Von Lintel und Nusser, München / Acht mal anders, Centro de arte joven, Madrid / junger westen 2001, Kunsthalle, Recklinghausen / 2000 Ins, Exhibition of the Munich Art Academy, Haus der Kunst, Munich