Marianne Müller
Standing Still - Travelling Slowly

February 28 to April 26, 2003
Opening February 28 from 6 p.m.
opening hours from Wednesday to Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m.
and by appointment


With Standing Still / Travellig Slowly, her first exhibition for 2003, Marianne Müller invites us to share in the round-the-world trip she carried out in 2001and 2002 for the Mondial club of Yverdon, within the framework of the Swiss national exhibition Expo '02. Although mainly known for her photographic work, this time she takes us on a film discovery of Azerbaidjan, India, Jamaica, Mali, Morocco, Mexico, Rumania, Syria, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and mythical Zanzibar.

The Mondial's programming, conceived by Martin Hess, was subdivided into two-week periods, each period being devoted to one country, thus enabling us to discover the four corners of the world through concerts, films and culinary specialities. attitudes has decided to give exclusive emphasis to Marianne Müller's work on this marvelous project. The films, lasting over 20 hours in all, consist of a series of fixed and panoramic views of urban landscapes. For this purpose Marianne Müller has used two cameras, slightly set off from one another, so that her "panoramas" show a lack of time-space where they converge. Contrasting with continually moving pictures, she will occupy our entrance space with quantities of small photographs taken during her trips..

general vue of the table


A book composed by a selection of videostills is available at attitudes. Price 25 Swiss francs (352 pages, 268 in colour, 14x9,5 cm, 2002 ed. Electric Mermaid).


Zanzibar Town / Zanzibar / Tanzanie
7 avril 2001 / 12:37 - 12:42

edition specially realised for attitudes
video still on photographic paper sticked on aluminium, 15x40 cm
edition of 25 + 5 A.P


The Marianne Müller exhibition received the support of Pro Helvetia, The Swiss Foundation for Culture, of Nestlé Foundation for the Art and of Electric Marmaid. Our thanks also go to Andrea Gohl, Martin Hess, Martin Jaeggi, Pierre Zellweger and René Zumbühl for their precious collaboration.

For the 2003 programme, attitudes got the support of Swiss Federal Office for Culture, of Migros Cultural Percent and of the Rampini Construtions company. The daily newspaper Le Temps and Imaginer Software - the alternative data processing are partners of attitudes.

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